Quick, Cheap & Easy Tiger* | Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner so it's time to start stressing about what you're going to dress up as this year. 
Unfortunately Halloween isn't made into such a big deal here in the UK compared to America, our idea of Halloween is using it as an excuse to get extremely drunk.. and for the majority of the girls to look as slutty as possible and not be judged for it.
I enjoy neither of those traditions for an English Halloween night out, i'd much rather dress up fun and scary & if it was still acceptable i'd be trick or treating too! Maybe I could just pretend to be a child for the night? I am small enough..

For today's Halloween inspired post I thought i'd have a go at a simple tiger make up look. Literally took me no time at all to achieve this, it's a little sloppy but i'm no artist (meaning literally anyone could achieve this look and make it look 10x better) and if you're in a rush it would be perfect! However I still feel as though even slightly messy this make up look still works pretty well.
Of course you could interpret this any way you wanted, and add more detail I just used whatever I could find in my makeup drawer. I would team this up with a black outfit and add scratch marks to certain areas, maybe even add some cat ears if you have some lying around?
Coloured contacts brought from 365games 
Take Care

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