Pumpkin Galore Home Decor | DIY


I've developed a huge love for Autumn this year for the colours and the rustic, cosy feel to everything. I've been craving to decorate my room seasonal for ages but my budget just doesn't stretch that far unfortunately. *sad tear emjoi* 
However after spending 90% of my days scrolling through Pintrest it dawned on me that actually it's not that hard to decorate your room on a budget, all you need is a bit of creativity and you're away! 

I hunted down the remaining mini pumpkins from my local supermarket at the bargain price of 80p each! Then literally just filled a random vase up with them, added some leaves I found from my garden and ay-presto a cheap and easy Autumn/Halloween decoration.
Then I thought maybe this needs jazzing up a bit so I found these battery powered fairy lights from the Halloween section in Sainsburys and curled them round the pumpkins. I love the look I managed to achieve with this and it really adds some warmth to my room.
Do you like decorating throughout the seasons, let me know what you do I'd love to know!
Take Care

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