Beating the Summer Blues*| 2015


It's official Summer 2015 has ended. No more beach days, BBQ's and sunbathing, time to get used to more rain, Artic temperatures in the morning and darker evenings.
Some people may be happy about this, but others will be missing the sun a lot (i'm the latter); therefore i thought i'd give some of my tips on beating the summer blues!
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  • Remember that Christmas is now closer! 83 days today to be precise.. To say i'm excited is an under statement, i'm one of these people who go all out at Christmas and love to spoil people. Eeeek can't wait
  • Time to treat yourself to a new autumn/winter wardrobe! The best excuse there is to go out & spend as much money as you desire, because yes you do need that coat in 3 different colours as it needs to match the 3 new pair of boots you brought as well.
  • No more sleepless nights from being too hot, now you can wrap yourself up like a caterpillar and have the cosiest nights sleep ever. Why not even treat yourself to a new duvet set as well! (can you tell I spend too much money)
  • Start up yoga/Pilates. No need to force yourself to go outdoors in the cold and rain for a run when you can chill out indoors with some light exercises to help keep your brain clear and active, also reduces any levels of stress and anxiety. I recommened checking out Cassey on Blogilates she's so positive and creative, anyone is able to follow her workouts.
  • Or if you are feeling brave enough to go outdoors why not go on a walk round your local park/woods? Watch the colour of the leaves change, hunt down a hedgehog, find some conkers (apparently they keep away spiders) and get some fresh air, autumn isn't that bad really...
  • Just because summers ended doesn't mean you now have to hibernate in your room, make plans to do something atleast once a week and show off those new coats you brought.
  • Host a 'Me' party. No need to invite anyone as this party is just for me, myself and I. Summer can take it's toll on your hair & skin so time to indulge in your favourite beauty products. Have a bath, put on a hair and face mask, get into some comfy pj's, wrap yourself up in a dressing gown and settle down with a hot chocolate. Perfect evening in my eyes.
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