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Winter in the UK has definitely hit us hard and personally i'm not enjoying it one bit! I wish it was acceptable for people to hibernate because I would be so up for that, i'm currently typing this with a million layers on waiting not so patiently for the heating to kick in. Now before I turn into an ice cube I thought i'd share some quick tips on keeping well during Winter, and hopefully preventing you from missing out on Christmas because you're ill..
*This is a second part post, you can find the first part here

  1. Wash your pillow every week to prevent germs forming and spreading, and more frequently if you're having to share a bed with someone who has a cold. What a wonderful feeling it is to have clean bedding too! Bonus Tip: This is a handy tip for people who suffer from acne as well!
  2. Here's a weird tip when you get out the bath don't drain your water straight away. Studies show that the flu virus lives longer when the air is cold and dry, therefore allow the humidity of the room cleanse your sinuses and maintain moisture.
  3. Get plenty of sleep as lack of sleep affects your immunity. Apparently if you sleep less than 7 hours a night you're more likely to catch a cold than someone who sleeps for 8 hours. Anyway why would you want to leave your comfy, cosy bed, hibernate with me!
  4. Eat chocolate. Yes finally an excuse to eat junk food and not feel so guilty about it! Eating chocolate is great for when you have a cough, there's an ingredient found in cocoa called Theobromine which can act as a cough suppressant. It's also extremely delicious...

Hopefully these tips will help you over the Winter, is there any other tips everyone should be following?

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