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pink parcel subscription box monthly
 I made my first subscription box purchase, wooo I feel like a real life blogger now haha
This box is from Pink Parcel, a company that caters for a women's monthly needs... now this could be tmi for some people as I'm aware some don't like discussing the big TOM, but this box is such a fab idea I had to share!
I first came across Pink Parcel when I was having a hunt for something unique I could subscribe to, which wasn't blowing my budget, and I wanted to start off easy before I delved into the biggens such as; Glossybox & Birchbox I wasn't sure what to expect when I first clicked on Pink Parcel's link but I was very pleasantly surprised, and also kind of annoyed that no one else has thought of this idea before!
pink parcel subscription box monthly
 Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box for your period (might as well get that out the way) where they provide you with you're preferred sanitary products and other bits and bobs to brighten up your mood, which is always a plus (all previous boxes can be found on their website if you wanted to see what you could expect in yours
*The introduction price is £7.95 incl. P&P then from there it would be £12.99 incl. P&P per month.
The process into receiving your box is broken up into pretty simple steps:

  • You begin by choosing a sanitary brand which suits your preference
  • They then ask for the date you're expected to start- as to be able to send the box in time for then
  • Step 3 is when you receive your parcel which is normally 3-5 days before the dates you provided
  • Then you're able to relax and enjoy what's normally a dreaded time of the month.

inside pink parcel monthly subscription box
products inside november edition of pink parcel subscription box
 I love the whole simplicity they've created as no one enjoys fuss during this dreaded time, but i also like the way they've still made the packaging look pretty and feminine. The box includes 4 boxes & a small bag all labelled up according to their use:

  • For You- Includes random bits and bobs selected to cheer you up
  • For Now- A small bag that's discreet enough to fit into your handbag for emergencies out & about, which was filled with sanitary products
  • For Later- 2 boxes again filled with sanitary products (i was slightly overwhelmed by how many they'd provided)
  • For Down There- A feminine cleansing wash (can be brought from their website)

pink parcel subscription box products review
pink parcel subscription box product review
pink parcel subscription box product review
It's surprising how much you can fit into such a small box, and i was very pleased with what I received. 
Obviously I ate the Orange chocolate bar straight away which had the most amazing flavouring to it, much better than Terry's! I'm yet to have a play around with all of these but so far i'm absolutley in love with the Benecos Hand Cream with Apricot & Elderflower scent (rrp £2.45).... right this stuff smells incredible I've literally been making everyone smell my hands, and they've all loved it too! It's a very fruity scent, the best thing I can link it to is pink/red starbursts. Unfortunately it doesn't sink into the skin very fast, which doesn't bother me too much as I'm normally too busy breathing in the heavenly scent; however it does leave my hands super soft and smelling beautiful for a few hours. Pink Parcel included a leaflet for the Benecos brand and was very happy to read that it's a vegan brand, so no animals where tested on, and all ingredients used are natural which is a big bonus. I'm excited to try out more of their products in the future!

Overall I think this was a very good purchase and I will be sticking with Pink Parcel for a while now to see what else they have under their sleeves.

Let me know of any other subscription boxes I should be joining below!
Take Care

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