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I feel like i'm constantly on the hunt for a hair mask that is going to wow me, and give me that luxury feeling you get after you have a really good haircut. You know that feeling right? Where you feel like you could be a hair model on a loreal advert... Well i'm yet to find that feeling.
Now that the weather is getting a lot colder it takes a big toll on my hair leaving it dry and dull so I wanted to find something that would spring it back to life again. I've known about the Happy Hair Days brand for quite a while now, and have brought hair products from them in the past, but they didn't do much for me if i'm honest (probably because I only brought it for the smell & not what it specializes in) However this time I thought what the heck as they were on a half price offer, plus I believe the Argan Oil products are some of their new stock, so I thought it'd give it a whizz.
I believe (could be wrong) that Happy Hair Days are exclusive to Sainsburys
happy hair days argan oil hair mask review

//Argan Oil is a wonderful substance for your hair as it contains rich beneficial nutrients such as, vitamin E which promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants which help boosts cells, and encourage them to produce healthier hair. It is proven to make hair feel softer and shinier by taming frizz, and dry and damaged ends. //

On the back of the product they have added that all ingredients they use are natural and free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and mineral oils. Which honestly I didn't know too much about until I researched it, and realised how bad all 3 ingredients are for your hair, so i'm very glad to know that this product doesn't contain them. However now I feel the need to rifle through all my beauty products and check they don't contain them either haha. An extra ingredient i'm glad they have included is coconut oil, now every girl should know the benefits of coconut oil, the holy grail of beauty lovers! So far this product isn't looking too shabby...
happy hair days argan oil ingredients hair mask review
This Intense Repair Mask states that it is an 'intense repair treatment to deeply nourish dry & damaged hair'. This is exactly what I was aiming for to help fight off this cold weather attacking my already unruly hair. It provides 2 options of how long to leave the product in your hair either 5 minutes or 15 minutes for a deeper treatment. I always opt for the 15 minutes as I wanted to see faster results, and it also gives me an excuse to lay in the bath that little bit longer. 
It's a super silky formula that is easy to apply and a little goes a long way, I apply just to the mid lengths of my hair combing it through with a wide tooth comb to make sure it's evenly distributed. Leave on for 15 minutes as suggested then rinse off. You can immediately feel how soft and tangle free your hair is and the smell is divine! I comb through my hair one last time before squeezing any excess water out with a towel.
happy hair days argan oil hair mask review
The only downside to this product that i've found is that if I leave my hair to dry naturally it seems to weigh my hair down slightly, and my hair does seem to get greasier a lot quicker than usual. Which is a pain as I prefer to leave my hair to dry naturally to prevent any extra damage. However if I blow dry my hair it leaves my hair super soft and less frizzy, which was my main aim out of this! I guess if i'm only using this product say once a week blow drying my hair doesn't sound too damaging.

Let me know of any other hair masks you would recommend!
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