Quick, Cheap & Easy Snake | Halloween


I'm back again for a Halloween idea that's super cheap, quick and easy to re create! This was by far the most fun and rewarding look i've done compared to my previous Halloween posts; which you can check out here & here
I originally came across this idea after my daily scroll through Pintrest, and knew straight away that I wanted to give it a whirl. Honestly this did take me a couple go's to pull this simple detailing off but practice makes perfect as always.
To create the snake scale detail I got hold of a hairnet (found one in Sainsburys for £1) covered my entire face with it until it was tight, but obviously not too tight that you're going to pull your skin off could even use a pair of fishnet tights... From here I dabbed on the selected eye shadows starting with a light green, to a darker green and finishing off with a dark grey. I distributed the colours randomly as to give off an ombre effect mimicking a snake.
I would recommend dabbing the colour on rather than rubbing as to prevent smudging and losing the detailing. I added white to the bottom of my eye to brighten and widen my eyes drawing more attention to the coloured contacts
 I found the green scaled dress on Yoins, it was ridiculously cheap and would make a great outfit topper for this make-up look (unfortunately unavailable now but any sparkly green dress would look fab) Oh and yeah that's a toy snake in my hair as well, I searched high and low for one of them in every toy shop in town who knew toy snakes would be so hard to find!
Take Care

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