Autumn/ Winter Goals* | 1.0


Back in June I did a post on 'my summer plans' and I actually managed to complete everything on my to do list! Therefore I thought why not do something similar during the Autumn/Winter months as well. Normally i'm pretty bad with sticking to things but let's see how much I can get completed before 2016.

Start working out regularly again. Not full on running and weight lifting that's way too much effort let's be honest. I used to be pretty good & would follow Cassey Ho's Blogilates workout calender 3-4 times a week but i've really lost my mojo.
I really want to try out yoga as well. Yoga has so many benefits to it including helping to destress, improve posture, flexibility and strength. I may also only want to learn so I can use being able to do a handstand as a cool party trick...
Make morning smoothies at least 4 times a week. Saves time in the morning (which I desperately need) and checks off some of my five a day bonus!
+ Save up for a new laptop. My laptop is very slowly dying on me which makes me procrastinate a lot when it comes down to keeping up with my blog.
+ Start date nights with George. We hardly ever get out as we are both the worst at planning, plus we're super lazy so just end up getting a takeaway and sitting in, however I think going out for the evening for a meal etc once or twice a month will be lovely. Gives me an excuse to glam up a bit too, yay!
+ Do not cave in and cut your hair off Charlotte! I know it gets boring and you have no patience, but please just leave it be cause you know you'll just regret it. 

Blog Related //
+ Take better photo's. Experiment with lighting, angles, editing and colours. I used to study Photography at school so really I should know better with this one haha.
+ Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin'
+ Double my Twitter followers
+ Organise my blog. This will extremely help with motivation and traffic.

Any goals you've set yourself before 2016? Let me know below!

Take Care

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