10 Things I Will Miss About Summer* |2015


 Summers coming to an end for 2015 and sadly it went super quick. As per usual England didn't exactly have the hottest/sunniest of days so wasn't the most memorable, but there are still some things I will miss about it

  • Later evenings. I love coming home from work at 6/7pm when it's still slightly sunny and bright outside. Being able to chill outside with friends/family enjoying a summers evening is definitely my favourite thing to do. 
  • BBQ's & salads are only acceptable in the summer, people who have them before or after just don't understand the rule of summer. Ugh even the smell of a BBQ is summer in a nutshell to me. I love burgers and potato salad the most yummmmm
  • Everyone's instantly happier in the summer. The sun produces vitamin D and is effectively an endorphin which (pardon the pun) brightens your day. Your day is a lot better when you're not surrounded by miserable folks
  • The brighter colours. As much as I adore the autumnal colours I also love the brighter colours. The fresh green grass and leaves, the blue skies, crisp white clouds, sunflowers! oh I do love sunflowers...
  • Going on adventures. As much as I love sitting inside in my pyjamas watching Netflix all day, I can't bear to waste a perfectly good summers day doing it. Therefore going out exploring is the best. For example; bike rides, beach days, woodland walks, picnics, festivals... I was lucky enough to attend Glastonbury in June which was insane, hopefully I get tickets for next year! Register for tickets here if you're interested!
  • If you're one of the lucky ones you may have caught a tan this summer. Doesn't everyone just look so much better with a tan?! I don't normally tan very easily as I'm quite fair skinned, however I was on holiday in Malta for a week in August & managed to catch a healthy glow thank you Maltese sun.
  • Speaking of Malta I'm 100% going to miss my week spent there. What a beautiful country. I'm so thankful that I was privileged enough to afford to spend a week out there. I did a lot of sight seeing & really explored the island enjoying the sun, heat, beauty of it all, oh take me back. You can see my holiday photos from Malta on a recent post here
  • The cold food that again is only really acceptable in the summer. For example; smoothies, ice cream, ice cold water. Ice cream is probably one of my favourite sweet foods, recently discovered this summer that banana and mint choc flavours are my new favs. Cold fruit is also the best, having a cold apple or kiwi for breakfast is so refreshing.
  • Summer storms. I don't know many people who enjoy storms apart from me, especially ones in the summer. The atmosphere is just so much calmer I find. The rain clears the air from the humidity and listening to the rain on the window is super relaxing and cools you down.
  • Friends come home from uni! Two of my closest friends are at uni so when they come back home for the summer I can't contain my excitement. I love catching up on stories and gossip, whilst chilling out on the beach or having a picnic in a field with no cares at all.
So that's it, some of the things i'll miss about summer.
What will you miss about summer, let me know!
Till next year...

Take Care

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