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I've recently got back into reading, mainly down to splashing out on a Kindle, but I used to love finding a new book to delve into! The books i'm mentioning today are a couple classics of mine that I always recommend to friends/family if their stuck on a finding something new. Because i've now got a Kindle I forgot how nice it is to actually hold a book, and turn the pages yourself. But then the Kindle is just so much easier & cheaper to purchase books... uh dilemma. 

Safe Haven | Nicholas Sparks
I need to start off by saying how much I love Nicholas Sparks, and i'm on the hunt for all of his books. Right Safe Haven, I can say is my favourite book ever. It's about a woman who is an abusive relationship, and is trying desperately to get out of it, so she comes up with this genius plan to escape. Things get pretty tense at the end I was gripped and couldn't put it down! I must have read this quite a few times and still get right into it! It was also made into a film, which is probably one of my favourite films as well. 100% give it a read if you love a happy ending. 10/10

The Fault in Our Stars | John Green
Now everyone and their dog has either read this book, seen the film or at least heard it. I'm not usually the one to jump on the band wagon for books as I usually like discovering books by myself. However I saw the film before the book, (yes i know that's not the way to do it) but I just didn't see me getting into it; especially after reading 'Looking For Alaska' which I really didn't enjoy (sorry). However I was pleasantly surprised of how well written this book actually is, I still prefer the film but hey ho. If you haven't the daisyest what this book is about firstly, how? secondly, it is about a teenage girl suffering with cancer and her life changes for the better when she meets a boy who falls in love with everything about her. Oh Augustus Waters. 8/10
Dear John | Nicholas Sparks
Oh what a surprise another Nicholas Sparks book, told you I love his work. Now I actually read this way before it became a massive trend when the film was released with the gorgeous Channing Tatum. In my opinion unfortunately it ended up being a flop as the book is 200% better. I couldn't even watch the film the whole way through because I got so frustrated with how they directed it. They missed out so many vital points that makes the story line special. It's about a man who's returned from the army and finding his feet again in his home town, he meets a woman who shares her life with him and they start to fall for each other. But factors get in between that could potentially ruin it all. 8/10

The Weight of Silence | Heather Gudenkauf
Now this is slightly different to the other three books as it's not a love story and not so much of a happy ending. It's about two little girls that have gone missing and their is an investigation to find them, but nothing is as it seems. There seems to be a lot of lies and secrets being told and domestic violence is also involved in this book. I seem to love books that have the characters dealing with something wrong with their lives, as it allows you to really involve yourself with the feelings and thoughts. 8/10

Just Finished Reading
The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting | Holly Bourne

Currently Reading
An Absent Mind | Eric Rill

Have you read any of these books, what was your opinion on them?
Also any books to recommend to me, i'd love to hear them!

Take Care

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