10 Things I Won't Miss About Summer* |2015


Following on from my previous post, '10 Things I Will Miss About Summer' I thought it only best to balance it out and tell you the things I won't be missing about summer this year.
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  • The unpredictable yet also very predictable English weather. One minute it's like you're in the middle of the desert the next it's pouring down with rain. Therefore there literally is no point in planning an outfit because it's highly likely you'll regret what you wear either way.
  • The struggle of sleeping at night. When it's too stuffy, and a fan just doesn't serve it's purpose when it's blowing around hot air all night. I'm also one of those people that have to have at least something under the covers as well, which is a pain in the backside because I then have to decide between getting too hot or being kidnapped by the monster under the bed.
  • The awful, awful humidity, my biggest hate in life. Thank you for making me look like a cave woman 24/7. I've learnt not to even bother with my hair in the summer, just whack some oil on it, tie it up and hope for the best.
  • Same with your make up, why do some people bother smothering themselves in make up when it's hot and sunny it's just going to melt off! Let your skin breathe get some vitamin D to your skin woman.
  • Flip flops. I HATE flip flops. The way they feel, the way they look, the sound they make just ugh no. They are the most uncomfortable shoes ever, they will 99.9% give you blisters right between your toes, and I always feel like i'm tensing my feet just to keep the bludy things on. Plus it allows your feet to get super dirty and attacked by stones and sticks. Nope i'll stick to my dolly shoes thank you.
  • It's always just my luck that the nicest days will be when i'm stuck indoors at work. Having to watch customers shopping for ice creams & BBQ food in their summer dresses, whilst i'm there moping around in my uniform looking like a ghost. AND there's always that one selfish customer who thinks it's funny to let you know how lovely it is outside..... thanks for rubbing it in and making me hate my job even more mate.
  • The dread of getting your milk bottle legs out. Wearing summer dresses and shorts can be nice but only with a tan, no one wants to see your anaemic legs. However the only way to get a tan is to get your legs out so really it's a vicious cycle. Plus shaving everyday is the biggest chore ever!
  • Ginger problems. Now i'm not full blown ginger, more like a mousy ginger but either way I will burn... a lot. Meaning summer does involve me either looking like a ghost or a tomato, and if I do miraculously manage to catch a tan it will last for a week max. Where my ginger friends at?! I feel ya
  • Wasps, bees and all things that fly, look ugly and are irrelevant in life. How is anyone meant to relax outside when you have all of these terrifying bugs attacking you?! Even the noise they make is annoying, especially when your in bed and you suddenly hear something buzzing around your ear, nope I will have none of that. Where's my slipper.
  • My favourite hobby ever of people watching (we all do it don't deny it) is ruined by teenagers and their awful dress sense. What is this fascination of shorts that shows off your whole bum?! and crop tops on a 12 year old is not flattering, and honestly pretty embarrassing to see to be honest. I don't want to see that, the elderly couple walking behind you don't want to see that, even my neighbours, cousins, best friends, goldfish does not want to see that!
There we have it me moaning about all the things I hate about summer. 
Anything you agree on or anything I could have added let me know!

Bring on Autumn
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Take Care

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