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This past month has been a special one for sure as i started off the month celebrating my 21st birthday (hip hip horray) I had a lovely day celebrating with the closest people to me, and finished the day off by reminiscing on old home movies & sharing stories.
I'm not normally a fan of birthdays as i hate all the attention on one person, and it just makes me feel more awkward than normal. I'm much more of a Christmas lover... which reminds me it's now September which means one step closer to Christmas!

Now for what i've been loving this past month:;

Tayroc Women's Watch
This was a birthday present from my parents and I am in awe of it. I originally was craving over the black strapped one in with the same clock detailing but i'm so happy with this one. The colour is a beautiful light peachy/pink colour leather strap, with rose gold detailing. Find it here
Tiffany&Co Bracelet
Again i was lucky enough to receive this for my birthday but this one was from my lovely boyfriend George. He always used to wind me up before we started dating that he was going to buy me one, and now he actually has! i was so shocked. I feel like a princess wearing it, it's super dainty and simple which i love when it comes to jewellery.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Mascara
I've mentioned numerous times my love for mascara's so therefore i do manage to get through quite a few, however I feel that after this one i won't need to i love it that much. It's infused with vitamins & cucumber instantly refreshing your eyes and making your lashes feel nourished and full. I have found one flaw with this product though.. which is if you have sensitive eyes, or your lashes get wet whilst wearing the mascara, it will sting... like a lot. Other than that it's fab!
Canon EOS 600D SLR Camera
Eeeeeek. I finally have a decent camera! I used to study Photography at school and always had to put up with the cheapest SLR cameras i could get hold of, if only i had one this good! Me & George paid half for this however so it's not completely mine but I like to pretend it is. The amount of photos i've taken of my cats this month is a bit extreme haha!

After finishing Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black and Once Upon a Time on Netflix i needed something to keep me entertained whilst i waited for the new seasons, i stumbled across a progamme called 'Fringe'. It's about FBI agents who deal with paranormal/unexplainable situations and it can get pretty intense. If you're a fan of CSI etc this will be right up your street!

None atm, however i'm currently half way through a book called 'The Manifesto on How to be Interesting' by Holly Bourne and it's pretty good so far! Maybe i'll mention it in my next monthly favourites.

Ryvita Cracker Crisps in sweet chilli flavour.... these things are heavenly i could sit there munching away at a whole bag easily, i'm yet to try the other flavours. Give them a try!

Take Care

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