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A few weeks back one of my fav bloggers, (emsheldon) wrote a review about a lash serum she recently purchased. She had a lot of positive comments on it, and even provided a discount code so i was very intrigued. Even more so because I love anything that will extend my eyelashes & make them look fuller. You should see my collection of mascaras

Therefore I knew i had to try it out, especially seeing as a I was able to purchase it cheaper i couldn't miss the opportunity! Unfortunately it did take well over 3 weeks to arrive even though the delivery was set to 2-3 working days, not a great start.
The serum is produced and manufactured in the UK and uses an ingredient named Capixyl, which is proven to increase the growth and thickness of your natural lashes as well as conditioning the follicles at the same time. It's a clear gel like consistency, and has no fragrance.

The packaging is all so delicate & feminine which fits right in with the manufacturers brand name 'fine feather'. The serum itself is in just a small tube, which i was slightly hesitant about as i thought it would run out quickly, but a little goes a long, long way.
It's a simple process by gliding the serum over the upper eyelid at the root of the lashes daily, as if you're applying a gel eyeliner. That's literally it. I like to apply mine in the morning after i wash my face & just before makeup.

It states that it takes up to 4-6 weeks before you start seeing results. Now i've been using mine for 6 weeks now and honestly haven't seen any dramatic results, my lashes do feel slightly more conditioned but that's about it. My lashes are on the longer side anyway but not so thick, so that's what i was aiming to achieve from this.
I'm slightly disappointed in the outcome as i have read great things about this, but I will carry on using it hoping for a mircale...

Want to give it a try?


Take care

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