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Err how is it May already? Where has the time gone..
soon it will be christmas again yay

Today i thought i'd attempt my first monthly favourites. These types of posts/videos are one of my favourite to read/watch, I love finding new things to try out that maybe i will love too. I strangely decided to start nealy half way through the year though but owell. 

Beauty Favourites:
  • Beginning with Rimmel's Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil i've been using this product constantly for the past few months now, and i very quickly fell in love with it. As i've mentioned before I love mascaras & over the years i've tried numerous amounts, but nothing beats this so far. It gives my lashes extra length, fullness, and doesn't leave them clumped no matter how many layers you apply. With the extra benefit of the argan oil formula it leaves my lashes feeling smooth and conditioned when applied & removed. 
  • Next is the ELF Refreshing Eye Roll On which I recently talked about in a previous post here. I'm not sure if this is still available as the company ELF have closed their website & i believe are distributing elsewhere which is a bummer. I only brought this as it was £1.98 at the time so i thought what the heck but came to realise it's actually pretty good. The formula includes aloe vera and cucumber which is so refreshing and really awakens the eye area. The fact it's a roll on too just makes it so much better and easier to apply knowing you haven't applied too much product & wasted it. 
  • Hidden at the back of this picture is Soap & Glory Hand Food with the weather in England being so unpredictable lately my hands were starting to suffer & beginning to dry up. I went hunting through my drawers & came across this hand cream which i got at Christmas, I smothered it on and it worked miracles. My hands were smooth and moisturised for the rest of the day, and the smell is divine which Soap & Glory are pros at doing.
  • The most recent purchase is the Garnier Moisture Match Lotion with SPF20. I ummed and ahhd over buying this for about a week as I was addicted to my current moisturiser from The Body Shop. But seeing that i was on a tight budget and this was a fraction of the price I just brought it hoping for the best. Now i still love my Body Shop moisturiser and will most probably go back to it but if your on a budget this stuff is pretty darn good. A little goes a long way and it leaves my skin glowing as well as making an excellent primer. 
  • Lastly is this ELF bronzer. I'm still adventuring out of my simple makeup comfort zone so bare with, but who knew how great bronzer's are!? I don't use the brush provided, instead i use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and i only have to dab gently onto the product for a good amount to be distributed onto the brush. It's easy to blend and leaves a nice glowing colour.
Non Beauty Favourites:
It's all looking very healthy... I'm on a big fitness hype at the moment with summer & festival season approaching I felt now was the time to really knuckle down. 
  • Therefore I brought my smoothie maker back out, i used to be obsessed with making smoothies, literally 2/3 a day easy and I feel maybe i might fall back into the obsession. The Breville Blend Active is super simple to use and takes less than an hour to whip something up! 
  • To go along with that is Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD. Theres been a massive hype around this DVD so I thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a whirl. I've only used it a couple times so far but my god is it hard let's hope for good results! 
  • Next are the sunglasses which i picked up from a stall in Brighton, now my head manages to be too small for pretty much every pair of sunglasses until now. These actually fit do you realise how excited I was to find this out I had to get them, the lenses are pretty funky too with a metallic pinky gold shine to them. Only a fiver too bargain. 
  • Lastly is Yankee Candle air fresheners.... oh wow. I put a new one of these in my car the other day and it smells divine i can't explain. They're so strong & last for ages thank you Yankee Candle.

Wow I ramble. Hope you enjoyed seeing what i loved over the past month, have any of you tried the DVD how is it for you?

Take Care

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