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I've found that having something to look forward too, is always a great way of keeping yourself happy & positive. 
Therefore I always make sure I'm doing something special/different atleast every other month and planning ahead is great fun. I'm a bit of a crazy organisation freak, and love writing lists & making notes, so when it comes to planning i'm all over it like a rash. This summer is no exception as I already have a couple things planned, no official set dates for all them yet however (which drives me slightly insane).

First on my list is:

George's birthday surprise getaway. 
I've booked for me and George to go away for a couple nights to celebrate his birthday in May, fingers crossed the weathers on my side! I'd love to tell you where it is but G reads my posts so I can't give anything away. (But i'll be sure to post about it after) 
When it comes to spoiling people I go all out. I love seeing their reactions, and letting them know how special they are to me. However, I hate them returning the favour as i'd literally be happy with the smallest sentimental thing, just knowing that person thought about me is enough.


This will be my first proper festival experience and to say i'm excited is an understatement. We have a bit of an army going (45 people to be exact) which i think is brilliant as you'd never lose someone. We're making it into a week long event, how i'm going to survive without showering for a week is beyond me but atleast i won't be the only one. PLUS the line up this year is immense!
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Holiday to Malta?

One of my good friends Laura & myself are currently in the midst of planning a summer holiday to Malta for a week. Her Grandparents live out there so we'd only have to pay for flights, what a bargain that will be! The only reason we haven't booked anything yet thought is because of our work situation & finding time off together. Other than that, hello sun, sea and sand! I need a tan.

Reunited with the best ones.

Two of my favourite people in the world will be back home in August! One of them is braving working a season out in Malia whilst the other is slaving away at Uni. However once August arrives we will be reunited as a trio again! Love them to bits.


Christ. I'm turning 21 in August too, i feel so old. Like i said before i hate a big fuss so i'm begging everyone not to do a lot for me. But 21..... super scary yet exciting. Maybe i should grow up a bit now? Nah.

That's it for now! But I will definitely have to add to this list i love summer. 
Get Planning!!!


Take Care

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