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A couple weeks back I stumbled across a Buzzfeed post suggesting ' 21 delicious thing to eat in Canterbury', and seeing as i'm a short drive away from there I was very intrigued to check these places out, and as I mentioned before I love trying new places. 

With my boyfriend being a big foodie he quickly hopped on the band wagon too and we made a decision to try a place every month, plus it's an excuse to escape sitting in his room watching endless amounts of films on Netflix. Our first stop was at a bar/restaurant called 'Alberrys' where a company named 'The Burger Bros' situated themselves, along with other places around Kent.

Now both my boyfriend (George) & I are massive lovers of burgers, so we had very high standards for this place. When we received the menu I didn't know where to begin, I think I had forgotten what a proper burger was being so used to nipping down to Maccy D. I opted to play it safe this time however and kept it simple, as I didn't want to get too full and end up wasting what could potentially be an amazing burger. Plus I wanted a starter & many sides, George on the other hand went all out & went for the monster with everything crammed in... he doesn't hold back.

And here was the finished product. The above was George's, now it doesn't look the most appetizing thing but in George's words 'Corrr', so we'll take that as it was pretty dam good. Mine was pretty good too just regretted keeping it simple because honestly it just tasted like a posh cheeseburger. Guess it gives me an excuse to return though really doesn't it!
I just wish I took a picture of the nachos we had for starters, because oh wow! They were beyond amazing, I feel like I want to recommend this place to everyone just for the nachos but that's not meant to be the selling point...

Say cheese George.

I seem to have started my blog off by just recommending things to do haha, but why not? if you find a place/thing you love share it with everyone else to enjoy to! I'd appreciate it if someone did the same to me.

If you live in the Kent area why not check the place out, The Burger Bros.
OR follow me and George on our food mission around Canterbury if you want.

Take care,
Charlotte x

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