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Oh hello! 
My first post... i'm kinda nervy actually, let's hope this goes A-OK.

So last night myself & my friend Laura took a little trip up to the fab city of London, but not just for a casual jolly to be our loser tourist selves, this time we had a real reason, but i'll get onto that..

Before we headed off to our exciting night out we obviously had to stop off for some food, and Laura was extremely keen to let me experience what the restaurant Giraffe had to offer over at Embankment. I'm always up for trying new things plus I was starving so I didn't hesitate, so off we shuffled like penguins in the artic weather. 
Now if you're like me & attempting to eat healthy as part of this whole "new year, new me" saga then this place is for you. I mean it's not the healthiest place in the world, but it's better than popping over to Ronald McDonald & demanding a double cheeseburger with a side of 20 chicken nuggets.

I opted for the 'Falafal Deluxe Burger' & sweet potato fries... along with some delicious cocktails. I recommend the 'Deluxe Pina Colada' it was deeeeelish, OH and definitely try the edamame as well you won't regret it. 

ANYWAY moving on, always distracted by food.
We were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Jessie Ware concert at Brixton's O2 Academy. To say we were excited wouldn't even cut it, we knew already this woman would be incredible live & she definitely didn't disappoint. The power of her voice is unreal and the vibe in the room was so welcoming, because i don't know about you but when i go to a concert i want to be surrounded by people who are there to enjoy themselves, not slump down in your chair and moan that you're blocking their view whilst you boogie to the music.
Unfortunately because we got distracted by food we didn't have the best seats, but who cares when you're listening to a voice this brilliant. I can't recommend you listen to her album 'Tough Love' any more or even just give it a little listen on youtube/spotify. My favourites are 'Champagne Kisses', 'Kind of, Sometimes, Maybe' and what was the highlight of the night 'Say You Love Me'.

Basically to sum this all up, Giraffe does amazing food.... & cocktails, and Jessie Ware is an incredible performer.

Speak soon,


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