Body Confidence*


 I think everyone has gone through a moment in their life where they don't feel as happy in themselves as they think they should be. Could be because of a number of reasons but the main concept is all based around body confidence, and comparing yourself to friends, celebrities etc. Personally I always used to think:
Why don't I look like that?
How can he/she be so happy all the time?
How does he/she make everything look so easy?
Why me?

But i've decided to change all that starting from today. It's a poisonous thing to have in your mind constantly and you can easily fall into a hole of negativity and it's hard to climb back out of that hole.
This sudden urge to become more confident and positive with my life only became apparent yesterday after watching one of my favourite Youtuber's Melanie Murphy new video targeting the key area of body confidence. I've watched a couple Youtube videos & read a few blog posts all about this sort of thing before, but never really thought into it too much until yesterday. I don't know what stood out so much to me, but the way she explains her thoughts about the issue is really eye opening, and it's reassuring to know you're not the only one and it does get better!
After watching it I had a lot of questions running through my head:
Why do I feel this way? Stupid reasons that make no sense.
Why should I feel this way? You shouldn't. 
Who should I aim to please? Myself. 
Do I want to be happy again? YES!

This also reminded me of videos i've viewed in the past by another brilliant Youtuber BeautyCrush , where she also spoke about body image, comfort zones, comparison to others etc. Re watching these too has really made me second guess myself. I'm not going to get too personal with why body confidence is an issue with me as it can be a very emotional & stressful thing to deal with. It used to really bug me when people would question me as to why I would get so down about it, but I felt like I didn't really have a good enough answer. If you don't understand why you're being so negative then others won't understand either, it can become extremely confusing but give it time. Don't give up on yourself, surround yourself with happy people & it will reflect onto you.
Now thinking back why did I allow it too get this bad, everyone's different, whether it be body shape, face shape, hair colour, how you dress, what you eat. Just do what works for you, if you want to lose weight or gain weight do it! If you want to dress a certain way what's stopping you? 
Nothing will be easy but why would you want it to be that would be boring otherwise. No one's perfect, everyone has flaws but someone will love those flaws, and so should you that's what makes you, you. Just think about you, no one else's opinion matters, nor should your's for other people feeling the same way.
I could go on for day's talking about this as it's such a wide topic but you get the idea, and hopefully it's opened your eyes up too.
How great are these quotes, I want them framed all around my house! haha.
(All found from pintrest)

Keep thinking positive.
Charlotte x

30 inspirational body confidence quotes by Marie Claire. <- An extra boost of confidence for you.

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