New Year Resolutions | 2018


Goodbye 2017; Hello 2018

Wow, well December went crazy fast?! I feel like I didn't have a chance to fully take the whole year in & think about what i've managed to both achieve and lose in 2017. It wasn't one of the best years to be honest so i'm definitely not sad to leave it behind; the last 3 weeks of the year however I was fortunate enough to spend it away in Sydney, with my boyfriend, and his family. It was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life, experiencing Australia, & celebrating Christmas and the new year in the sun. Therefore this year has started with a bang already! 

I'm not usually one to make new years resolutions.. well to stick to them anyway, but after such a downfall of a year last year I feel like having goals to stick to will keep me looking forward, & striving to achieve!

Here's what i'm hoping to accomplish by the end of the year; lets see if i stick to it this time eh...
  • Start fresh with a new job. Where I currently work i'm constantly stressed & unhappy, no one should feel like that, so this is the year I pluck up the courage to move onto better things!
  • Save, save, save! My boyfriend & I are aiming to move out by the end of the year so we both really need to knuckle down and save.
  • Stop buying unnecessary things! This should help with the saving big time, i'm such a sucker for online clothes shopping, especially the boohoo sale but I don't NEED them, it needs to stop (or at least calm down) 
  • Be more sociable. I'm a bit of a hermit crab, i very rarely meet up with friends or family, i don't have a good enough excuse other than i'm lazy tbh. This needs to change; family & friends are so important!
  • Become more self confident. This could be a factor of why I don't socialize enough.. i doubt myself all the time & never think of myself positively, life could be worse time to be happier Charlotte! :)
  • Read more. Since been on holiday i've rediscovered my love for my kindle so I definitely want to read more books. Book recommendations please!
  • Lastly, to blog more often. I abandoned this blog for just over a year & i've just got back into posting again and even though I don't get a lot of traffic/views etc I really, really enjoy it.
Do you have any New Years Goals? Let me know!

Take Care 

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