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Autumn & Winter are definitely my favourite seasons for many reasons such as the cosy nights in, layering up your clothing and obviously Christmas! 
This year I've really been into constantly decorating my bedroom according to the seasons, not full on wallpaper and furniture sort of decorating, more along the lines of bits and bobs dotted around. There's been so many pieces i've been gagging to buy in shops, but just couldn't bring myself to buy them because of the ridiculous pricing on most stuff nowadays, why would I want to spend 15 odd pound on bunting I could make myself?!
 Therefore as per usual I scrolled and scrolled through Pinterest searching for creative DIY projects I could try out to keep up to date with the seasons for both you, and I to save a bucket load of money in the process. 
I uploaded another recent home decor DIY post featuring pumpkins & conkers here if you want to check that out also!
autumn rustic home decor diy
Here's how I created these cute & simple Autumnal tealight holders;
 First off I brought a couple of small cheap glasses from my local supermarket or obviously you could buy proper tealight holders but these work just as good. I then went in my back garden hunting for some pretty colourful leaves that were the right size for the glasses, as I didn't want to have to cut them up too much.
From here I smothered (well really this was where George stepped in as I was busy painting conkers for my previous post haha) PVA glue all over the outside of the glass. The great thing about using PVA glue for this is that is dries clear, plus it can be found anywhere and is dead cheap. This is where the creative bit comes into play, as this is where you decide how you want to arrange your selected leaves. Honestly we had a bit of trouble with the brown leaves, so I decided to tie some string around the middle which I think makes it look even better personally. And voila' pretty, simple and cosy tea light holders!
 How cute and simple are they?! 
Do you like to decorate your house according to the season too, I hope i'm not the only one!
Take Care

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