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Errm how is it November already, the days just seem to be flying by! When I was younger my parents would say that all the time & I'd never understood up until recently how right they were bloomin' heck... 
Now because it's November for us English folk, and others who have to endure the horrible winter weather, it is starting to get very chilly outside which means the dreaded flu season is upon us!
Now I hate catching the flu, honestly I don't know anyone that does like catching the flu, but we all bring it on ourselves really don't we. Once I completely lost my voice on Christmas day, full on couldn't talk, just makes you want to lay in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself which is rubbish, especially at Christmas! Therefore I hunted around my little head, and online, for some tips and tricks for both you and I to follow this winter to avoid getting ill.

  1. Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. Anything that can help stop the spread of germs from contact from the hands as we use our hands all the time, so this is where we pick up most of our germs.  I would highly recommend having a little bottle (can find them in most stores for around £1) in your coat pocket or handbag for on the go!
  2. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol. There's always that theory that alcohol will 'warm you up on a night out, you'll be fine outside you won't be that cold' and where this is half true it's also not that great for you. Alcohol at first will cause warm blood to rush towards your skin, but then eventually you'll end up feeling colder as this action can take blood away from your internal organs, causing your body temperature to drop. Studies show that drinking alcohol in colder weather reduces the bodies ability to shiver (where you muscles will tense) therefore taking away a key method for keeping your body warm naturally.
  3. Go for a wander around an indoor area- a shopping centre for example. Walking will relax joints and muscles whilst keeping them moving which in all will keep you warm. Also it gives you a damn good excuse for getting out the house and buying new clothes or getting your Christmas shopping out of the way!
  4. Finally, now this may sound pretty obvious but I rarely see it when I'm out, but dress up practical! The amount of girls I see walking around with no coat or scarf when to me it's resembling the Antarctic outside, and i'm dressed head to toe in cosy wear is bloomin' crazy. It makes me cold (even with my 5 layers of tights on) looking at them. The most important areas to keep covered when cold is the chest, feet & head area to help maintain body heat. 
Let's combat these next few months together!
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Take Care

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