My Holy Grail Hair Product*


I've always been an avid lover of dry shampoos; admittedly mainly because i'm lazy and find washing my hair a chore, and this is the easy option haha (I can't be the only one surely) but also more so this year as festival season is coming up, and i'm in the process of trying to train my hair to not get as greasy as quick.

 Over the past few years i've tried numerous brands like the ever so popular Batiste, Garnier, Timotei.. however i always find myself coming back to Dove.
Although it is a tad more expensive than your classic Batiste it works wonders, and manages to last a lot longer than other brands too so really you don't feel so guilty spending £4.20ish on a dry shampoo. Plus Dove is such a well known brand you know you're getting a good quality product that's going to work well. You know what they say, the more you spend the better quality the product is.

It states on the packaging that it 'instantly refreshes and absorbs oil, leaving your hair beautiful, healthy and full of body' and i couldn't agree more. In the past i've usually found that when using other brands whilst my hair has been freed of oil it just feels clogged with product, with Batiste in particular it leaves my hair a dull colour & matte. However with Dove my hair feels light and freshly washed plus the smell is divine!
I'm useless at describing scents but i would say it smells clean & crisp with a slight hint of talcum powder, and i'm finding myself catching a wiff of it throughout the day, so who needs perfume when you have a head full of hair doing all the work for you!

This is definitely a holy grail hair product of mine and I must admit when it's on offer i stock up majorly, i mean i have 5 cans stored away am i obsessed? yes.
Give it a try, it's sold in most supermarkets & boots.

Take care

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