8 Things I Love About Winter |


Winter has crept up on me way too quickly this year, I was nowhere near prepared for the transition from dresses & skirts to jumpers & scarves; but it's not all bad, as winter is one of the best seasons, in my opinion, and here is why:

  • Those crisp sunny mornings, where the sun's beaming but there is slight frost on the ground.. there's something very nostalgic about it that i just love. Seems to put you in a much happier mood from the usual gloomy, cloudy, rainy days that us England folk are oh so used too.
  • Being able to layer up with scarves, hats, jumpers, socks, coats.. (the list is endless) to fight the bitter cold outside. I've seen so many cute scarves this year as well, how many scarves is too many scarves? 
  • You know it's winter when the fire is turned back on and becomes a your best friend throughout the next few months. How nice is it getting in from outside and curling up next to the fire though, can you guess i like being warm so far? :)
  • SOUP. I love soup. I'm aware yes you can eat this all year round, BUT technically it's a winter warmer and it can warm me up everyday, however, that's not exactly the best of diets so i guess i'll have to limit myself..
  • Pulling out those winter pyjama's (you know what ones i mean) the thick, fluffy ones that you could live in all day because they're just so god dam cosy. Primark do the best range for these as they're so cheap but so comfy; it's become a bit of a tradition to buy a new pair every year for me now, definitely go check them out! Here are some of my favourites!:      1, 2, 3, 4
  • Craving a hot beverage 24/7 to warm you up. Even better when coffee shops bring out their Christmas menu (i'll have one of each please!) My go too hot drink however would be a classic hot chocolate with a shot of either caramel or peppermint.
  • Speaking of Christmas... that is the main reason i love winter really, who doesn't love Christmas?! Especially the lead up to it! I don't care if it's November I started my Christmas countdown weeks ago!
  • Finally if you're from the UK you'll know winter TV consists of I'm a Celeb & X Factor! (I'm more of an X Factor lover myself) But once these hit the screen there is no pulling me away, therefore my social life is non existent pretty much

What do you love most about Winter, i'd love to know!

Take Care,

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