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 It's December therefore i'm officially allowed to say the secret word it's CHRISTMAS!
I'm a masssssssssive Christmas fan, and i'm feeling very festive at the moment with the house fully decked out, and the xmas songs have been playing on repeat. I love getting into the Christmas spirit however I know most people dread this time of the year, therefore I thought I'd provide you with some of my tips for surviving the festive season. Hope they help!

Plan Ahead |
Organisation is key for surviving Christmas successfully, people who don't organise beforehand... how do you do it?! Before I start my Christmas shop I always make a list of who I have to buy for, and an idea of what gift I am looking for, for each person. This stops you from walking aimlessly around every shop feeling deflated that you can't find anything. It can also save you from over spending as well!

Set Yourself a Budget |
A big part of Christmas is all about giving and treating people, however I know how easily you can overspend so setting yourself a budget is a top tip that I also need to follow to be honest, I just get so carried away. You can either give yourself an overall budget or individual budgets for each person you have on your gift list.

Research |
If you're looking to get someone a gift that you're not 100% sure on I would definitely do some research on it, and read up on the reviews and ratings. The best place I find to do this is on Amazon as it's super easy to search products up and read genuine reviews. Comparing prices is also a big help when searching for gifts online, some websites include; google shopping, &

Beat the Christmas Rush |
This year I've come to realise how much I dislike Christmas shopping in stores. There's no joy in it and theirs virtually no positives to it. Firstly; you have the stress of finding a parking space, have to manoeuvre around hundreds of people, queuing for hours, and your feet & hands will hurt by the end of it etc etc. Therefore I've resorted to online shopping and it has been a god sent, I can sit in the comfort of my bed and scroll through a bunch of websites, where most of the time they have offers on, and free delivery! Win win! My favourite online shops this year are; Amazon, Not on the High Street, IWOOT

Xmas Wrapping Fiasco |
Personally I love wrapping up all the gifts i've brought people & going overboard on ribbons & bows (yes i'm one of them people) However I would recommend giving yourself a whole day or afternoon.. depending on your wrapping skills, to wrap up your gifts. Best way is to just get it all out of the way in one hit as this give you one less thing to worry about.

Remember it's Christmas |
Christmas is definitely one of the most stressful times of the year for everyone but you have to remember to step back and enjoy yourself. Your emotions reflect off on others so if you're stressed out on Christmas day it's going to rub off on them which is no fun. Something else to remind yourself is that Christmas isn't about who spent the most money, or who has the most gifts it's about making memories, and spending precious time with loved ones appreciating every moment.
Merry Christmas!
Take Care

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